A Global Company

We are a global company with our headquarter in the USA, and branches in Germany, France and China.

We Think Forward

BDP Team never and will ever compromise our thinking with conventional technology, we love moving forward.

Problem Solvers

Our goal is to help you reduce environmental impact, we solve problems that no one has resolved.

Customer Support

Custom service is not just product warranties, our award winning custom service team is ready to help.

Revolution makes who we are

BDP technology has been carried out the basic theory study on in Europe since 1973; our company introduced the basic concept and founded the first R&D center in China since 1992. Applying with the latest industrial studies and innovations, the BDP technology has been fully implemented in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Now it has became one of the leading biological technologies among all wastewater treatment processes.

BDP EnviroTech specializes in developing and applying the most advanced and patented biological wastewater treatment technology. Over 30 wastewater treatment plants have adopted BDP process worldwide, which have been covering both industrial and municipal wastewater for modifications or new constructions from small to large-scale treatment facilities.

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